Mr. “C” and Wizzie

Mr. C and Wizzie have been performing together for over 15 years. Wizzie loves dancing to the "Macarena" or any music with a beat. At parties, Wizzie is a little slow at getting started, but once she gets started, it is hard to get her to stop. She steals the show every time, leaving the crowd laughing and wanting more.
Sotar & Marco the Magnificent, are the newest members to the Mr. C puppet family.  Sotar ( Seal On The Run), is a baby seal that ran away from the circus because the other seals teased him because he could not catch a ball on his nose like the other baby seals. Sotar has worked hard on his skills, he can now not only catch a ball on his nose but he can catch the ball blind folded. Sotar helps kids to see how teasing hurts others.
Marco the Magnificent has a special talent. He can taste colors.....yes, taste colors. You select a color out of his bag, place it in his mouth and he can taste and tell you what color you selected. He is never wrong, you too will be amazed at his special talent.