“Balloon Twisting made Easy” DVD By Mr.C

Balloon Twisting made Easy Have you ever wanted to learn how to make a basic balloon animal, or tried and felt like you just couldn’t do it? Well, now is your chance to learn from a pro. With this “Balloon Twisting made Easy” DVD by Mr.C. screen shot from DVD With the “Balloon Twisting made Easy” DVD, you will learn the tricks and trades of balloon twisting, various ways to inflate a balloon, & how to tie a balloon. You will even learn how to make balloon designs without tying the balloon....WOW! This secret is covered in the bonus section of the DVD. This is a secret that very few people know about, even some of the pros. At the end of the “Balloon Twisting made Easy” DVD, you will be able to make with confidence a number of different balloon hats, swords, and animals, including the world famous “Flying Mouse.” Twenty-two balloon designs are taught in this DVD. screen shot from DVD Each balloon design is taught then repeated in slow motion to ensure you to get every step correct. Order today and you will be twisting tomorrow! ORDER NOW! ONLY $15.00 plus FREE Shipping Handling